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Showing 1 - 24 of 24 items

Laverda parts

You can find motorcycle gauges primarily on the handlebar assembly, or the dash for touring models. Motorcycle gauges help the rider to know about the mechanical workings of their motorcycle. Motorcycle gauges are similar to what people see on a vehicle dashboard. We always want to make sure you have the best parts for your motorcycle and that is why we offer the best quality in Laverda parts, for which the product range is growing. We love to give motorcycle fanatics as many parts and accessories as they could ever need!

Laverda gauge parts

Our lavera gauge parts range is growing quickly. As you can see we offer different kinds of Laverda gauge parts. You can also find accessories for your gauges if needed. Are you not sure which Laverda part will fit your motorcycle? Feel free to contact us through e-mail or phone. We look forward to advcse you in the best way for your motorcycle and your own safety of course.

Finding your parts

Of course, it can happen that the part you are looking for is not in stock on our website. We have a ever changing and growing stock of motorcycle parts. There are possibilities that the Laverda part you are looking for is not currently available. You can always ask us for any kind of Laverda part that you need. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to find the Laverda part you need, but we are always more than happy to try.


Do you usually install parts by yourself? The ease of every installation will vary because it requires different kinds of parts and work. Still, the basic instructions of installing Laverda gauge parts is similar to others. Therefore, it’s possible to install everything by yourself. If you do not know how to install Laverda gauge parts, we are more than happy to help you with the process or any other questions you might have.

Restoration service

We are the market leader in gauge restoration services and we offer the best Laverda gauge restoration service for your motorcycle. The costs of your motorcycle gauge restoration varies with the condition of the gauge and the amount of parts needed for the restoration. If you want to know more about this service, you can send us an e-mail through

Order Laverda gauge parts

You can easily order Laverda gauge parts on our website. The order process is quick, easy and secure. Are you not sure you ordered the right parts? Or did you find out you ordered the wrong part? It is possible to cancel the order within 14 days after receiving the package. After cancellation you have another 14 days to return the package to us. We will return the total amount paid, with the shipment costs included.

Did you order the wrong part, but did you manage to find the correct Laverda part? It is also possible to swap the products. You can contact us for more information about swapping products through our website. We’re happy to help.