Motorcycle gauge restoration services

We have restored well over 4,000 Honda, Laverda, Ducati, Suzuki GT750, Kawasaki ND and Nippon Seiki motorcycle gauges for customers from all parts of the world. is the market leader in gauge restoration services, as well as being the premier supplier of the parts used for the restoration of these gauges. We deliver the best quality against fair prices. This results in authentic gauges which are perfect in both looks and function.

Please read some feedback of our customers from the Americas, Australia and Europe here: Customer feedback

Gauge restoration results

The result of a selection of the bike gauge restorations can be viewed here:

Pictures of restored Laverda gauges
Pictures of restored Honda CB750K0 gauges
Pictures of restored Honda CB750K1 gauges
Pictures of restored Honda CB750K2-K7 gauges

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Laverda gauge restoration Honda CB750K0 gauge restoration
Honda CB750K1 gauge restoration Honda CB750K2 gauge restoration
honda cbx 1000 restored gauges

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Why we restore gauges for motorcycles

Vintage motorcycles hold incredible beauty, especially to their collectors, owners and other enthusiasts. These bikes are often seen as more than just a vehicle; they are pieces of history and art. As it goes with these types of collectable items, the goal is to restore or maintain their original state as much as possible, all the while trying to make it look good. You can probably imagine that most bikes show some wear after a couple of decades. Parts are broken or lost, replaced by a previous owner with the original pieces thrown out, the list goes on. Trying to restore a motorcycle to its original state is a difficult but rewarding project of which the gauges are an important part. You can’t slap some modern gauges on your vintage bike, so how do you get your old gauges to work, or replaced, if the company that made them stopped producing of those gauges years ago? That’s where motorcycle gauge restoration comes in!

What our motorcycle gauge restoration service is all about

Here at, we restore motorcycle gauges into pristine condition. This means that they will work properly, but also look the part! The restoration of your gauges requires knowledge, experience, skills as well as special tools to achieve the best result. This is why many bike owners all over the world choose our services for their gauges. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality products that will make you happy for years to come. As such, we are always open to your feedback and will happily try our best to fulfil any specific requests you might have regarding the restoration of your gauges!

Costs of my bike gauge restoration

The definitive costs of your bike gauge restoration will vary depending on the amount of parts required, the necessary work and other variables that go into the proper restoration of your gauges. Simply send us an e-mail through to inform about our price list and we will give you the most accurate estimate we can.

Types of gauges we work with

There are quite a few different gauges around and most of them are well within our capabilities when it comes to restoration. We have listed a few of the brands we commonly work with, but don’t hesitate to reach out if the brand of your gauges isn’t mentioned in the list below.

If you are interested in our gauge restoration services, please send us a message to

Our satisfied customers

During our efforts in restoring gauges and delivering parts all over the world, we have collected quite a lot of feedback from our satisfied customers. Some of that feedback from our customers from the Americas, Australia and Europe can be found here. Our goal is always about 100% customer satisfaction. It's all about you and your bike.

We’re ready to restore your bike gauges!

If you are interested in our gauge restoration services, please send us a message to info@cb750faces.comWe will gladly inform you about the process and get to work on your gauges, so feel free to contact us whenever you’re ready.