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Thank you for visiting us. If you own a Honda CB SOHC4 (CB750, CB350, CB400, CB500, CB550), the gauges are the parts you are looking at when you ride your bike. And also, when people (or you) admire your bike, it's the gauges that people look at. After 40 years, these gauges are often not in the best condition. The gauges suffer by weather influences, whether it's the sun or the rain that makes your gauges looking worn and old. And also, the dampers are always empty so that the needles bounce when you ride.
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Gauge restorations

We sell the parts you need to restore your gauges. But if you have no or little experience with gauge restorations, or have not the right tools, or want to avoid the risk of damaging your gauges, we offer a professional gauge restoration service for your gauges. We have already restored more than 1,200 Honda CB750 SOHC and other ND gauges gauges for customers from all parts of the world and our customers are delighted about the result and our service. We charge standard attractive prices. After a gauge restoration, you won't be able to see the difference between a new and restored gauge. Click at the picture below to read more ...

restored Honda CB750 K0 gaugesHonda CB750K1
CB750 K0

CB750 K1

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Gauge parts

At CB750faces.com you can find all the parts you need to restore you precious speedo and tacho meter, like face plates, gauge covers, lenses and so on. We supply the parts for the following Honda CB sohc Four motorcycles:

Gauge parts for:

CB750 K0 Sandcast - 1969-1970
CB750 K1 - 1971
CB750 K2 - 1972
CB750 K3 - 1973
CB750 K4 - 1974
CB750 K5 - 1975
CB750 K6 - 1976
CB750 K7 - 1977
CB750 F1 - 1976
CB750 F2 - 1977

CB350 and CB400 Four
CB500 K0/K1
CB500 and CB550 Four

GL1000/GL1100 Gold Wing