Honda CB750 K1 face plates km/h

€ 39,95

Honda CB750 K1 faceplates KILOMETERS per hour. Perfect reproduction dials.

Set of two jewels

Excellent reproduction of the Honda CB750 K1 face plates in kilometers version. Every detail has been designed very accurately to achieve an exact copy of the original face plates. With this set you are able to restore your gauges to the manufacturers standards. 

The faces will be supplied with or without jewels. You can re-use the jewels from the faces you replace or select the option Set of 4 jewels: Included.

These face plates are also available in miles per hour version.

The set contains one face plate for the tachometer and one for the speedometer (kilometers per hour).

If you don't have the tools and/or experience to do it yourself, please consider our professional Restoration services (click here for more info)



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Face plates
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