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Honda CB750 K1 restoration set KILOMETERS for tacho and speedo gauges clocks

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Honda CB750 K1 gauge restoration set for both tacho and speedo meter in KILOMETERS. Contains 2x gauge cover, 2x glass lens, 2x crimp ring, set face plates in km/h version.

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Your precious Honda CB750 K1 deserves gauges that look like new. With this reproduction gauge restoration kit, you can recondition your gauges so that these will look like new.
These products are unique and the best available this moment. 

This set contains:

  • Two metal black painted covers
  • Two glass lenses
  • Two crimp rings
  • Two face plates, for tacho meter and speedo meter in kilometers per hour versiom
  • Four colored jewels (+ €19.95)
  • Optional: trip meter reset knob (+€14.95)

If you don't have the tools and/or experience to do it yourself, please consider our professional Restoration services (click here for more info)


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