Gauge restoration services

The restoration of your gauges requires experience, skills and also special tools to achieve the best result. We have restored over 2,500 Honda, Laverda, Ducati, Suzuki GT750 and Kawasaki ND and Nippon Seiki gauges for customers from all parts of the world. is the market leader in gauge restoration services and parts. We deliver the best quality against fair prices. The result is perfect looking and working gauges. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. It's all about you and your bike!

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The result of a selection of the restorations can be viewed here:

Pictures of restored Laverda gauges
Pictures of restored Honda CB750K0 gauges
Pictures of restored Honda CB750K1 gauges
Pictures of restored Honda CB750K2-K7 gauges

This restoration service contains the following services and parts for each gauge:

  • Disassembly gauge
  • Cleaning of the needle and painting the orange needle tip and silver ring
  • General cleaning of the gauge
  • Lubrication of the internal components
  • Mounting new face plate
  • Repaint black cover (except Honda CB750 K0 and Suzuki GT750J)
  • New black cover (Honda CB750K0 sandcast only)
  • A new crimp ring (except Honda CB750 K0 and Suzuki GT750J)
  • Assembly of the gauge

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Pricing of the restoration services (prices per gauge). The prices include labor costs and parts:

Price tachoPrice speedo
Laverda ND gauges€ 109.50€ 119.50
Honda CB750 K0 Sandcast (conversion from K1/K2 to K0 gauges +€50)€ 119.50€ 129.50
Honda CB750 K1€ 109.50€ 119.50
Honda CB750 K2 - K3 - K4 - K5 - K6 - K7 - K8€ 99.50€ 109.50
Honda CB750 F0 - F1 - F2 - F3€ 99.50€ 109.50
Honda CB350 / CB400 / CB500 K0-K1€ 99.50€ 109.50
Honda CB500 T / K2-3 / CB550€ 99.50€ 109.50
Honda GL1000 Gold Wing€ 119.50€ 119.50
Suzuki GT750 *)€ 99.50€ 109.50
Kawasaki Z1, Z1A, Z1B, (K)Z900, Z1000 ND gauges€ 99.50€ 109.50
Mentioned prices are VAT and shipping excluded.
We have to charge 21% VAT for deliveries within the European Union
Optional parts/labour
New colored jewel€ 5
Derust and painting bottom plate€ 15
Derust and painting inner cover€ 15
Refill damper€ 40
Glass seal rubber€ 15
Internal rubber seal€ 5
New black cover if dented and/or rusty€ 25
Light tube rubber (Honda CB750 K0/K1 and Laverda)€ 6
Custom made face plates on requeston request
Exchange wire loom for restored wire loom (CB750 K0/K1, Laverda)€ 59.50
*) Additional price for Suzuki GT750J gauge with plastic face plate€ 15
GT750J plastic black covers (each)€ 80
Replacement internal cover€ 30

These prices are based on the restoration of a working gauge with no rust and no dents. If the gauge demands more work than average, we we charge these as additional costs. If you decide not to restore the gauge, we charge 25 euros examination costs per gauge plus shipping. After examination, we do not assemble the examined gauges.
For customers outside the European Union: we charge possible customs/clearance costs if we get charged.

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Laverda gauge restoration CB750faces.comHonda CB750K0 gauge restoration
Honda CB750K1 gauge restoration CB750faces.comHonda CB750K2 gauge restoration
Restored Suzuki GT750J gaugesRestored Suzuki GT750J gauges

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